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The best hairstyles for women over 50

By Cheryl Kramer Kaye

Listen, that's the headline of this story because it's the phrase that thousands of women are typing into Google. But the fact is, there's no such thing as "best." You're a grown woman, and you can wear your hair any way that makes you happy! What we have here are more like thought-starters—smart tips from Nunzio Saviano, owner of the very posh Nunzio Saviano Salon in NYC. He's a charming Italian with many 50+ clients who pay a boatload for his haircuts. (And yes, he's totally worth it.) He knows what cuts and styles will make your eyes sparkle, your cheekbones pop, and your hips look smaller - for real. Click through for some chic ideas and get ready to screenshot a few.

To fake face-lift

...or at least a really restful vacation, cut shorter pieces around the front. "With longer hair, you really have to fight gravity to get the bounce that lifts your features as well. It's really all about the lift, isn't it?" says Nunzio. "The shorter pieces add movement and body."

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To enhance your eyes

Bangs can be a beautiful thing. When they are lightly layered, they softly graze your eyebrows, drawing attention to your eyes (and subtly covering forehead furrows!). "A layered bang gives you the option of pushing them to either side, which lets you go longer between bang trims," says Nunzio. A heavy, blunt-cut fringe can look too severe for some women, but if your style is edgier in general, go for it!

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To sculpt your cheekbones

"Hair should land softly around the part you want to emphasize," explains Nunzio. So whether it's just your bangs growing out (see above) or a fresh cut, a long side bang is your cheekbones' best friend. "A lot of my clients are active and don't want hair getting in their faces while they exercise," says Nunzio. "There's a sweet spot where your hair is long enough to go into a ponytail but grazes your cheekbone to look flattering when you wear it down," and this cut sits right in that spot.

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For smaller-looking hips

You don't see too many women over 50 with hair past their waist. "Many older women end up with short hair because the quality of their hair changes," says Nunzio. "It doesn't have the shine or the fullness that it used to, so they keep cutting and cutting until it's super short." A wash-and-go pixie is low-maintenance, but it might not be the most flattering style right now: "We all tend to put on more weight as we get older, and a pixie cut on a voluptuous woman can look a bit matronly," says Nunzio. "More fullness to the hair balances out your curves." The way to achieve that is with a short haircut with long elements like a shag with some longer pieces around the ears, or hair that's cropped on one side and longer on the other. For women with textured hair, a brushed-out natural style or twist out can balance your frame with height and width rather than length.

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For symmetrical features

"As woman age, their hair tends to lose density around the hairline, so they start playing with their part to disguise the thinning," explains Nunzio. If you land on a center part, though, it can get tricky. A center part can draw attention to any incongruities in your face, which can increase with age. And, says Nunzio, "all your hair will want fall toward your face, which make your features droop." The solution: a center part with face-framing layers. It directs the hair away from your face, and the movement along the side helps balance out your facial structure.

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For a confidence boost

The very best hairstyle is the one that makes you feel your best. So if that means breaking all the "rules"—wearing mermaid waves or braided pigtails or a purple buzz cut after 50—then, by all means, break 'em. We want to see your best style, so post your #BestHairAfter50 selfie on Instagram, tag @HairBiology, and tell us what you love about your style.

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