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Menopause hair loss: causes and treatment

By Sarah Wheeler

Ah, menopause. Whether you’re about to go through it, are going through it, or have gone through it, you may notice symptoms that are less than fun. One symptom that can be particularly annoying is the way hair changes –both thinning hair and hair loss are common in women 50 and over, which is the age most of us go through menopause. We know you are fighting to maintain you signature look. The right products can help you come out on the other side of menopause with the thick, full, fabulous hair at 50+ that you deserve. We are here to help.

What causes hair loss during menopause?

One word: biology. Sure, you feel you hormones are out of whack. It’s OK. When you go through menopause, you’ll have decreased production of estrogen and progesterone in your ovaries. Estrogen and progesterone are the same hormones that tell your body to put your hair in the “growing phase.” Without it, your hair doesn’t grow as long as it used to, and your strands don’t stay on your head as long. Shorter strands that fall off more quickly can really flatten your style.

Simultaneously, your body produces more androgen hormones during menopause. Some people call androgens, which include testosterone, “male hormones,” but that’s a total misnomer: both men and women produce androgens, and it’s a normal process of aging. (On the other side of things, men produce less androgens and more estrogen as they age!) Androgens can shrink the hair follicles on your head, making your hair appear thinner.

How to keep your hair full of volume through menopause

keep your hair healthy and full of volume through menopause 

Like we said above, we all go through it, so why isn’t anyone doing anything about it? Most women 50+ experience some form of unwanted hair change, from thinning to hair loss to female pattern hair loss. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t have the same gorgeous hair you used to – you just need to switch up your hair care routine to give your hair ingredients (especially biotin) formulated specifically for hair that’s 50+.

All about Hair Biology

We believe in the power of celebrating age and the experience that comes with it. We've formulated products designed to work with our unique hair biology, for women who know that spirit and confidence don't stop as we get older, and neither should beautiful hair.

We designed our product lineup to have solutions for these common signs of aging hair, so that you can wear your hair however YOU want, no matter your age.