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5 Essential Hair Care Tips for Healthy Gray Hair

By Sarah Wheeler

Growing out your gray feels amazing, doesn’t it?  Congratulations, your patience has paid off with glorious silver strands.  You are probably the talk of town or at least your girlfriends are a little jealous!  Now that you’ve embraced your inner gray goddess, learn how to protect your silver strands to keep them shining for years to come.  

Tip #1: Relearn your hair’s texture  

When your hair goes gray, it’s not just the color that changes, it’s the texture, too. Your oil glands start to produce less sebum which causes your hair to brittle and dry, but if you play your cards right (see below), you can infuse your grays with softness and shine.  

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Tip #2 Nourish your locks 

Your strands need extra nourishment. This goes for all hair 50+, no matter what color you choose to rock, but it’s especially true for gray hair. So don’t forget to mask up! Once a week, give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. It will love you for it.  Go ahead pamper yourself and it doesn’t even have to be Sunday. 

Tip #3: Protect from breakage  

You love your hair, so don’t be afraid to pamper your strands. Consider switching to a silk pillowcase so you don’t pull your hair in the night, be gentle when brushing, and never vigorously towel-dry your wet hair. You may also consider a wet brush or wide tooth comb which is gentler on your hair. The more you protect it, the more love it will show you in the form of gorgeous, silky, silver strands.  

Tip #4: Use purple hair care (This is the most important step for our products so let’s start with it) 

If you were a former blonde, you know this secret already: purple negates brassy tones. When you use purple hair care, you can turn your yellowish hair into gorgeous white, silver, or deep gray strands. Look for purple hair care specifically designed for hair 50+, which will have nutrients chosen specifically for aging hair. 

Want gray hair that glistens? Try our Purple Shampoo and Purple Conditioner to remove dulling residue and counteract yellow tones for stunning, shiny silver strands, and for a little extra shine try our Silver Shine Serum. 

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