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How to Care for Your Gray Hair

By Victoria Beeber

Are you ready to confidently rock your new silver style? Good for you. We believe in the power of celebrating age and the beautiful changes that come with it.  

While silver, white, or gray hair can make a statement, it requires a little maintenance to keep it looking shiny and radiant.  

What Makes Gray Hair Different?

When you start to go gray, you may also notice a change in texture. Your oil glands start to produce less sebum — causing your strands to become dry and rough, aka why you may struggle with a dull and lifeless mane.  

But there’s no reason you can’t enjoy smooth, shiny, and silky hair no matter your age. The key? Adapting your routine to fit with your unique hair biology. Read on for a handful of simple changes you can make to love your silver mane.  

4 Tips for Beautiful Gray Hair 

1. Get a Good Cut

At any age, keeping your hair healthy and frequently trimmed is so important. But when your hair begins to gray, it’s even more critical. 

Find a hairstyle that works with your face shape and hair texture. Be sure to work with a stylist who understands the nuances of aging hair. A simple snip will make all the difference in your look. Embrace the gray with a cut that you love. 

2. Make Purple Products Part of Your Routine

Are you starting to see yellow tones pop up in your gray strands? Sadly, your aging hair loves to soak up pollutants in the air, making it look a little brassy. Don’t fear — that’s where adding a purple shampoo and conditioner comes in.  

Neutralize the yellow tones with our Silver & Glowing Collection. This line of shampoo and conditioner works effortlessly to dull residue while it replenishes your strands. You’ll be left with soft, manageable hair with stunning silver tones shining through.    

3. Watch Your Heat Tools  

While styling with a curling iron can be fun — it can also cause a lot of damage to your aging hair. The reality is that gray locks can burn way more easily due to their texture and delicate nature.

This doesn’t mean you can NEVER use a hot tool. Rather, you need to take some precautions like only purchasing high-quality tools with temperature controls. You’re better off keeping the temperature below 350 degrees for less harm.  

If you still plan on incorporating heat throughout the week, make sure that you’re using a mask like our Deep Hydration Mask to reduce long-term damage. Made with biotin, this treatment adds moisture back to brittle hair and protects color against fade.  

4. Add Some Shine 

Gray hair can be a bit unruly sometimes. While it has a mind of its own, there are ways to smooth down flyaways and bring back shine. Say hello to your new favorite tool: taming serum.  

A good quality serum like our Silver Shine Serum can help nourish, soften, and control frizz. Our formula is free from parabens and absorbs into your hair without weighing it down. You’ll be left with smooth, shiny, and healthy hair.