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Hair that's full & vibrant

Glamour Guide Jamie Lewinger

Jamie Lewinger wasn't sure what was up with her thinning and limp hair, after doing a little research she met Hair Biology and found hope in the "Full & Vibrant Collection" saying:

Longtime readers know that I’ve been talking about my hair being fairly sad-sappy over the past few years and I always wonder if it’s because I’m over 50. … Or maybe it’s hereditary? … OR perhaps hormonal? … What EXACTLY is UP with my hair???

As mentioned in this recent blog post, I do use some really great supplements that have provided hair struggles relief but, DANG if my hair isn’t thinning and DANG if my hair just basically lays there. So today I wanted to share that I have actually found hope. HOPE in a bottle … or three ... and that hope is the Full & Vibrant Collection from Hair Biology and just LOOK at what it has done for my hair lately!

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What EXACTLY is UP with my hair??

We invite you to read the full article on Jaimie's website More Than Turquoise: Hair That's Full & Vibrant ~ Hair Biology