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Silver ConditionerRestores moisture, softness & shine

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Great-looking hair doesn't stop at 50. We've formulated products that are specifically designed to work with our unique hair biology to give you amazing looking hair at any age. Hair Biology Silver Conditioner nourishes your hair without weighing it down, leaving your hair softer and more manageable. Its purple formula helps correct yellow tones so your true silver tones shine through. Made with biotin and free of parabens, our Silver & Glowing Collection is specially formulated for gray hair. Discover the complete line of age-inspiring hair care products from Hair Biology and fall in love with your hair again.

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Number 1
You want
Gray hair that gleams!
Number 2
You have
Gray hair that’s dull or yellowing. It’s like your hair has become a magnet for pollution, UV, hard water minerals, and cigarette smoke. Sheesh.
Number 3
You need
Hair Biology Silver & Glowing Collection. A Purple Shampoo, Purple Conditioner, and Silver Shine Serum that remove dulling residue and counteract yellow tones for stunning, shiny silver strands.
Number 4
You get
Soft, manageable hair with stunning silver tones that shine through.

Silver & Glowing Highlights

Shine Icon
Silver Conditioner cleanses and removes dulling residue while replenishing your hair so your true silver tones shine through
Biotin Icon
Our Silver & Glowing Conditioner is free of parabens and infused with biotin, known to support healthy-looking hair
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Without natural UV protection gray hair is susceptible to yellowing. Our purple formula works to fight brassiness, correct yellow tones, and keep your hair looking healthy and strong

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Love this conditioner. Toned down the brassiness in my hair and provided major hydration. My hair is soft and managable and the color is on point. I also love that I can use this with my sensitive skin and it doesn't trigger my eczema. Complete win.
-- Hey, Bullseye Member
I am transitioning from dark brown hair with blonde highlights to my natural salt and pepper coloring. I have noticed that this conditioner (along with the shampoo) has taken a bit of the brassiness out of the blonde and slightly brightened the silver. It also leaves my naturaly curly hair soft. Combined with the shampoo, it's a good product.
-- Hey, Bullseye Member
This conditioner smells really good, made my grey's pop AND it's purple! I've never seen a purple hair product before so I was really excited to use this. It didn't disappoint either and my hair is super soft right now too.
-- Hey, Bullseye Member
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