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What is silver shampoo & how does it work?

By Victoria Beeber

Brassy hair is a result of years of coloring, excessive heat styling, UV rays from the sun, swimming in chlorinated pools, and even pollution. It can be very frustrating when you’ve previously sparkled and now your glow is gone. Sound familiar?

Far too many women fall culprit to unwanted shades of yellow — bringing them further away from their ideal hair color, whether that be a luscious grey or blonde.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. How? Say hello to silver shampoo and conditioner.

What is silver shampoo?

A Happy Women embracing her healthy silver hair

Silver shampoo, as the name suggests, is a grey-haired woman’s sidekick. (love this phrase sidekick!) When you open a bottle, you’ll notice a bright purple hue. That’s the key. On the color wheel, purple is exactly opposite yellow and orange, meaning it will work hard to neutralize the tones you don’t want.

Designed to get rid of brassiness, the anti-yellowing agents in the shampoo counteract the brass. As it cleans your hair, it dispenses purple pigment that leaves your hair brighter and more vibrant.

How to use silver shampoo

To keep your hair looking healthy and strong, we recommend using products from our Silver & Glowing Collection regularly as they are formulated with nutrients chosen specifically for aging hair in mind. With our Silver Shampoo, you can fight brassiness to reveal stunning, shiny silver strands.

How often you use it is up to you and your hair needs. You can choose to use it daily or swap it with your standard shampoo whenever you start to see yellow come through. It’s just like any other shampoo — so there’s nothing to fear.

Hair Biology Silver Shampoo

After wetting your hair with lukewarm water, massage a small amount of Silver Shampoo. Make sure that you cover each strand of your hair equally for the best results possible. You can leave the shampoo in your hair (like you would a hair mask) to soak up the benefits. Try 1-3 minutes on your first use and add more time as needed.

When you are ready, rinse and follow up with a high-quality conditioner like ours for even more shine. A silver conditioner formulated with biotin nourishes hair without weighing it down, leaving your hair softer and more manageable. Not to mention, its purple formula continues to correct any remaining yellow tones so that your silver hair can shine through.

About our Silver & Glowing Collection

Hair Biology Silver & Glowing - Hair Products for Silver Grey Hair

Our hair changes as we get older — it’s just biology. And there’s no reason that our hair products can’t change with us. Our Silver & Glowing Collection gives women their confidence back when brassiness takes over. Silver Shampoo and Conditioner come together to cleanse, replenish, and soften hair. The result? Shiny, silver strands.